2024’s 4/20 events: April 20 in NYC

Since the legalization of cannabis in New York, 4/20 events have gotten bigger every year.

Don’t pay to enter a vendor showcase or weed-less “experience”. Here are some free events.

Washington Square Park

NYC’s largest yearly cannabis meetup is April 20 in Washington Square Park. It’s next to NYU, it’s close enough to the center of the city. Hang out by the fountain or anywhere all day. There will be giveaways, sales, hustlers, and events. Everyone tokes at 4:20pm, but before and after too.

Other Parks

Try your local park, especially at the designated 4:20pm time.

Union Square

Union Square is always popping off with people smoking and selling so 4/20 is no different. It’s near most of the city’s current legal dispensaries. It’s also home to NYC’s annual weed rally, the Cannabis March (a separate event that usually takes place in May).

Dazed Cannabis, a licensed legal store with a location next to the park, will host a free public event in the park from 12 to 5pm that promises a DJ, giveaways, and photos with “cannabis characters”.

High Line

Get it??? Nah but I think The Standard Hotel has 4/20 things to do every year for bougie folks and that’s nearby.


  • Citi Bike will offer unlimited 30-minute rides on a non-electric bike for 24 hours. Use promo code CARFREE24 in the Citi Bike app. For Open Streets: Car-Free Earth Day.


  • Tha People‚Äôs W33D Festival (Rooftop) – Manhattan, 1pm to 1am. “The first 500 attendees with RSVP will receive goody bags! First 500 pre-rolls for $1”.
  • SLURP @ All Night Skate bar – Brooklyn, 9pm to 2am. “Music and fundraiser for E-Sims to Palestine. Goodies provided by XAXA.”
  • Boat rides are a thing. There are specific weed cruises now. We’re just like Amsterdam. You can also always take NYC Ferry or the Staten Island ferry.
  • Stand-up comedy shows
  • Lots of pop-up sales, keep an eye out